Many moons ago, we decided to host a little Thanksgiving fete of our own, "Live from Greaseland." And instead of sitting around some dry-as-a-rock bird with a bunch of Magliozzis wearing electronic ankle bracelets, we invited our favorite pals. Like the David Grisman Quintet and Arlo Guthrie. And, representing people with really strange accents, NPR commentator Andre Codrescu.

Our lackeys have assembled a few of the least lousy moments from "Live from Greaseland." So now, instead of having to sit next to your obnoxious Uncle Norman with the chronic halitosis, watching a bunch of helmeted guys alternately tackling and hugging each other, you can kick back, fire up your computer and listen to "Live from Greaseland."

Tom and Ray
Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers

P.S. The funny thing is, we still ended up having Thanksgiving at Ma's that year - just with a few more guests than usual. But we won't give away the ending. You can hear how it all ends for yourself.

Ma is wise to their games
Tom and Ray try to elude their way-too-smart-for-those-clowns mother.


Some quality time with Vinny
He may be the best-dressed mechanic in the country.


Andre Codrescu visits the "Neon Dipstick"
Andre has some questions only the Tappets can answer.


Another update from Vinny
He's got the bill. It's even itemized.


Is it ready yet? 
Dave comes to pick up his van.