On Vacation With Tom and Ray

A lot of folks ask us, "So, just what do you do for your summer vacation, anyway?" The truth is ... not much. Then again, that's not very different from the rest of the year. As Tom's son Alex has been known to say, "Dad...if you were on vacation ... how would you know?"

* * *

Gee, it's great having a chauffeur--even though it took two weeks to teach him how to maneuver the old Dartre. Boy, you just can't get good help anymore.

Nothing like a delicately marinated chicken barbecue. Tommy, on the other hand, is holding tight to his traditional vacation meal: a can of Spam Lite, a six pack of Moxie and a carton of Twinkies. To each his own.

Tommy's wife gave him a bunch of books to read. "Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus," "Ten Step Program for Coping with Midlife Dementia," and "Warning Signs: Women Who Murder their Spouses."

This is me in rehearsal. While on vacation, I got a part in the local community production of L'il Abner..

* * *