Untested Medical Uses for Car Talk

mail bag

Check out this note we recently recieved. Does this mean we can finally say something good came from our lousy show?

My husband suffered a horrible injury while we were on vacation in Prague, and was in a coma in a hospital there (a really good one as it turned out). I did everything I could think of to reach him. (I had long heard that people in comas hear things, even if they can't respond.)

One thing I did was to play an episode of Car Talk that I had downloaded on my iPod, and I put one of the little audio thingees in his ear and the other in my ear. I swear that HE SMILED WHEN YOU GUYS LAUGHED. This happened a few times.

He is on the road to recovery now and he actually listens to you on the radio show. He has no memory of his accident but we sometimes joke about the laughs you gave him, even if he has no recollection. You are (and have been) his favorite show.

Thank you for your wonderful laughter.


Car Talk. Not just a radio show. A medical device!

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mail bag

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