A Beast by Any Other Name

Official Results Page

The Results Are In!

And, Tara Lipinski's tutu! This was a close contest!

So we did what every good, red-blooded American would do. We counted the ballots...and counted them again. We appealed to the Supreme Court. And we eliminated the 130,000 votes from "CEO@DaimlerChrysler.com."

And now, at long last, we have the official Car Talk results--certified by no greater authority than Paul Murky of Murky Research.

Here then are the final, Florida Attorney General Certified results:

4thTestostosaurus Rex10.3%
3rdThe Compensator13.6%

And, the winner is....

Well, actually, we have two winners. It was so close that, according to Paul Murky, it's a statistical dead heat. The winners are:

Whatinthehellweretheythinkingog? 20.6% of the vote
Dodgezilla 20.0% of the vote

the winners

Any claim of a mandate by the Whatinthehellweretheythinkingog partisans is pure bunk.

Thanks to the tens of thousands of you who voted for your choice.

Tom and Ray
Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers