A Beast by Any Other Name

What's larger and more obnoxious than a Ford Excursion?

1. Rosie O'Donnell.

II. A Unimog--The 20-foot long, six-ton gargantuan sport utility that DaimlerChrysler recently announced.

C. Both 1 and II.

If you answered C, you'd be wrong. (Rosie's a few kilos short--or so her agent claims.)

The answer is II: the Unimog--a 20-foot-long, six-ton gargantuansport utility vehicle that DaimlerChrysler announced this week.

The UNIMOG?! Surely, among our six listeners, we can find a more fitting name for this ultimate behemoth!

So, we asked for your suggestions. Boy, did we get 'em. We got enough to fill a veritable fleet of Unimogs. And, with the help of our statistician Marge Innovera, and using a top secret technique involving incantations, a Ouija board and three dozen cannoli... we selected the finalists, had a contest, and tabulated the results.

Here they are.

Yours in putting the Unimog in its rightful place,

Tom ... Ray
Tom and Ray
Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers

See the results.

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