guy-chick cars

Presenting . . .
The Ultimate Guy Cars and Chick Cars of All Time

We set out on a mission to discover whether there really were such things as "guy cars" and "chick cars."

Well, the results are in! More than 1,000 of you e-mailed us with your musings, nominations, and elaborate scientific theories. (Note to Stephen J. Hawking: we're still analyzing your postulates and theorem - will respond shortly.)

Our lackeys diligently poured over the mail, tabulating results... then recounting them... then appealing to the Florida Electoral Commission for their guidance. You get the point.

So just what are the ultimate guy cars and chick cars? Take a look! Some of the results just might surprise you.


Tom & Ray

Tom and Ray
Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers

I'd like to see the chick car winners.

I'd like to see the guy car winners.

Read the guy car / chick car missives we've received.


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