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Perhaps I am way off base, but in order to even be considered a "lesbian car" (let alone an "ultimate lesbian car"), adequate bumper, trunk,tailgate, and rear window room MUST be available for all of the required signage that goes along with being a lesbian.

I often wondered if a plan-o-gram was sent out to members of the gay/lesbian community indicating proper placement of those rainbow flags, pink triangles, "hate is not a family value," etc. stickers from an organizational leader or the like.

I think that narrows it down to cars like Honda sedans and wagons, Volvo wagons, Suzuki Vitaras, Geo Trackers (and all other car -- like SUVs), and, of course, Saturns.

My vote would go to the Volvo wagon based on the above criteria.

Kindest Regards, Clyde

I would like to nominate the Chevy Blazer: two door models for those gay girls who simply want to travel light and enjoy the great outdoors, and the four door for those gal couples who may have opted to try the family experience. I am certain that lesbians may be just as, if not more, car conscious as straight guys. Lesbian cars need to make a statement... you know, communicate a message to prospective dates. The Blazer has that "Hey, I am an outdoorsy kinda gal who owns big, smelly water dogs like labs or golden retrievers."


I vote for the Mercedes-Benz SLK 320. This is got to be the ultimate gay car -- muscle and beauty, all in one car. The top even comes down, and the wind can blow through your hair as you cruise down the street. You see all the heads turn. Of course, I also could vote for the Porsche Boxster. Oh well, to dream perchance to drive.


It seems a certain segment of the community hasn't logged in yet -- the femme bisexual crossover contingent! So, I'm here to do my part. I just bought a '98 VW Jetta Diesel, and you can imagine my shock when I learned from this site what a gay guy magnet my new car must be! But as a bisexual woman who passes for straight a little too often, I can possibly make sense of this. My main purpose in buying this car was for the astounding 50 miles per gallon the diesel engine provides, thus satisfying my butchy, sensible, and enviro-conscious sides. But wait! Look at all the cute stuff it comes with -- the sunroof, the mod, stubby body design, the cool colors! Thus, my femme side can relax and enjoy the ride.



The Toyota Camry is the ultimate gay man's car. It doesn't attract women in the least. In suburban Virginia, we have a special way of letting other guys know that we are available. We just put our Car Talk bumper sticker on upside down. It's kind of like the ear ring right or left thing.


Honda CR-V. Hands down, no questions. This is the ultimate gay man's vehicle. I own one. With the fold-down picnic table, if the vehicle should ever break down, you can still have a dinner party. And hey -- while Honda might want to say it's a fire-extinguisher pocket in the back door, we all know that it's for the Merlot.


Ultimate Gay Guy Car? Maybe a pink Humvee -- pink to make a Statement; Humvee to make it safely.


The Rolls-Royce Marque has always served me well. Indeed, if you can swing a convertible Rolls, then the cuties will come out in droves. I have even had straight guys become very curious about the car and the driver. Sweet memories! Just remember guys, when you put the top down, use a little more gel than normal.



The ultimate male homobile seems lately to be the Jeep Wrangler. It easily converts from topless cruiser to butch 4x4 to match your mood (and your outfit!). Hey, I've got one!


Its funny, I was (and still am) thinking about getting a VW Jetta 1.8 T, but when I mentioned the idea to one of my flaming friends, he responded "That is SUCH a gay car!" For some reason, however, neither my girlfriend or any other girls I've asked have ever thought it's anything less than straight. So, perhaps the Jetta is, in fact, the ultimate BI-sexual car. And I'm just fine with that.


Jeep Wrangler: It just swooshes with hyper-masculinity, without requiring the owner to ACTUALLY FIX SOMETHING till the warranty is up! Ooh, then sell it, honey!


The Miata! Gay guys like to drive a car that's 1) cute and 2) playful and 3) needs little maintenance and 4) never breaks down. If they needed to prove something, they'd drive British sportscars! But no, they just want to have fun. No spending weekends under the hood; they're out with their friends driving the winding highways with the wind in their hair, while the heterosexuals are working overtime to pay for gas for their SUV's.



My 1947 Crosley wagon is the ultimate gay car because it keeps me on Gay Standard Time (GST). I arrive fashionably late for every occasion. And there's always room for one more hat box.


I would have to say it's the Jeep Wrangler. All of that open air, open space, party beads hanging from the rearview mirror. And not to mention showing off the tan you got while waiting in traffic. Did I mention the dance music blaring from the Jeep?? It's so gay!


Without a doubt, the ultimate gay guy car is the 1979 Eldorado -- convertible in plum color, to be precise. It is a big and roomy car. It just screams to the world, "Look at me!"


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