Ugly by Accident: The Winner Is . . .

We asked you to send us nominations for the ugliest cars in your neighborhood, and you sent us hundreds of nominees, each one stranger than the next. After much staff nausea and vomiting, we narrowed it down to the Top 10 (or twelve, but who’s counting?) semi-finalists… and then we turned it back over to you.

Now, the people have spoken. Which car will take honors in this race to the bottom?
The winner is . . . Drum roll please . . .
The Beet!

Congratulations to Steve who spotted this unique ride. You’ve Beet-en the competition! In keeping with this competition, the staff at Car Talk Plaza has awarded Steve something really ugly: a Car Talk mug with Tom and Ray’s faces on it. And, a signed photo. More ugly!

As for the car, turns out this is one ugly ride with a not-so-ugly purpose: educating the public about GMO foods. You can read about it right here.
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