Two Trains and a Bee

The Puzzler

RAY: Now, you could sit down and you could draw the little picture, and you could say, "Well, let me see. If he's flying at 137.5 miles an hour, and the other train is coming at 75, then that's a combined velocity of 212.5." You can figure out, in fact, how far he travels before he reaches the bumper of the train number two.

TOM: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

RAY: And then you can say, "Well, in that time, train number one has..."

TOM: Train number one has gone, yeah. You could do that.

RAY: You could do that. But, you could also do it the easy way. It isn't the cowboy way, according to our pals Riders in the Sky, but it is the easy way. Now, knowing that the trains are 150 miles apart and traveling at 75 miles an hour, in one hour they will have crashed. So, if the bee is traveling at 137.5 miles an hour, how far will he travel in an hour?

TOM: 137.5 miles.

RAY: And that is the answer.

TOM: And isn't that good? How many eighth-grade kids are going to get that in their little test next week?

RAY: They may. They may. Do we have a winner?

TOM: Yeah, of course, we got a winner. Becky Slager from Raleigh, North Carolina. Congratulations, Becky.

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