Two Bedouins and a Dead Man

The Puzzler

TOM: Well, you know, the only thing that had me stumped was the piece of straw.

RAY: Really?

TOM: And that's the biggest clue, of course.

RAY: It is the biggest clue.

TOM: Otherwise, I figured the guy fell out of an airplane.

RAY: So close. He was grasping the short straw. He was part of a party that was trying to make a hot air balloon trip across the desert. And, as they began to lose altitude...

TOM: Someone had to go.

RAY: -- they began to throw off suitcases.

TOM: Oh, this is bogus! The short straw and he held on to it all the way down from 20,000 feet.

RAY: And finally, they said, "We're going to crash; someone's got to go." And they had already thrown the sandbags off. And, of course, what do they have? The basket is made out of, what? Straw. They strip off a few pieces. They hastily pull straws and this poor bastard has to jump overboard.

TOM: You have sunk to a new low. You have fallen into the abyss of crap. I have never heard a more bogus...

RAY: If you think this one was bad, wait 'til you hear the next one. Anyway, do we have a winner?

TOM: Of course not. We are just going to give someone the prize, because no one figured this one out. The winner is George Hasapidus from, of all places, Arlington, Massachusetts. Congratulations!

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