Toyota Tercel

The Puzzler

TOM: Simple, simple. We know it wasn't the stick on clock, unless it was draining the battery.

RAY: It wasn't the stick on clock, wasn't the high-end fuzzy dice. It had to have been the floor mats.

TOM: Surely.

RAY: This car, as many manual shift cars have a switch, which unenables the starter motor.

TOM: Un-enables. Cool.

RAY: It's a starter defeat switch which requires that you step on the clutch pedal in order to start the car because we're too stupid in this country to...

TOM: ...know to step on the clutch...

RAY: ...when we start the car and they're afraid, if some unsuspecting oaf would start the thing in gear and crash into somebody else, then the company would be sued for millions and millions of dollars.

TOM: Or as I have done, drive into your garage door. Those garage doors can't take a joke.

RAY: Not the wooden ones anyway. So, when she she put these new thick floor mats in, she was interfering with the operation of this switch and every once in awhile, if she was angry and put the clutch pedal down especially hard the the car would start or maybe if the floor mat shifted position. Of course all the dealer did was fling that floor mat into the back seat and solve her problem.

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