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Toyota Camry LE (2014)

  • It’s a Camry. It remains great, basic transportation, that’s among the 2 or 3 most reliable vehicles ever built.
  • Perfectly adequate. What do we mean by that? It’s got reasonably comfortable seats, good visibility, good shoulder and headroom, decent legroom in the back, a comfortable back seat, and a spacious trunk. It’s a good family car, and very practical.
  • The transmission-engine combination is smooth as silk.
  • You can reasonably expect this car to run for 200,000 miles without a big repair. You’ll drive it until you really wish it would finally die.

  • It’s a Camry. It’s image neutral-- at best. You’re not buying it for its looks.
  • It’s noisy. There’s a fair bit of road noise.Is it excessively noisy? Almost.
  • It needs a backup camera.
  • It uses a key. Quaint!
  • One of the big complaints against Toyota is that they “de-content” their models over the years to save money. The same accusation could be leveled against the 2014 Camry. It’s feels a little less solid, a little cheaper than it has in the past. Is it excessive? No. But it is notable. And as a result, the 2014 Camry is noisier than comparable Camry from seven or 8 years ago.

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