Toyota Camry Hybrid (2013)

  • Pro List Icon Pros
  • Great gas mileage.
  • Expect typical Toyota reliability. In other words, expect very little to go wrong for a long time.
  • Plenty of room in the front and the back, and a spacious trunk; an extremely practical family car. As a result, it’s become the go-to cab of choice here in Our Fair City.
  • Effortless to drive: Easy steering and handling make it a low-effort car for those who value getting from here to there with minimal effort and fuss.
  • Perfectly adequate visibility all around.
  • It’s a great nerd car. This is the perfect car for someone who wants to make a wise choice, and never wants to worry about his or her car, and don’t want to stand out in the crowd.
  • Con List IconCons
  • With its redesign in 2012, the Camry, and even this Camry hybrid, has become a full-fledged geezer car. Like the cab car of choice it’s replacing (the Ford Crown Vic), it appeals to people who have been driving for decades.
  • Everything from the styling, to the ease of driving, suggests that older people drive this car. Nothing wrong with that, unless wearing the automotive equivalent of plaid pants irks you.
  • When the car is stopped (at a light, for instance), you could really tell when the gasoline engine kicked on. We found it annoying. If you’re sipping a full cup of coffee when the engine starts, you may get a brown stain on your tie. Once the car is moving, it’s totally seamless. But if you’re considering the Camry hybrid, take it for a test drive in city traffic and see if it bothers you.

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