Toyota Camry (1997)

We tested the bare-bones Camry, with roll-up windows and no leather interioror any of those other fancy accouterments.

Toyota Camry (1997)The car was great. I can't describe it in any other way than to say thatit's "unencumbered." It's a basic car, and there's not a lot of stuff thatcan break on it. It's a very basic car that is quiet, handles reasonablywell, takes the bumps well, is comfortable inside and has great visibility.I imagine that if you're 6' 3", it might be a little tight in there, butit's fine for the average person. The controls are well placed and simpleto figure out. Simply put, this Camry is a pleasant car to drive.

This is a time-tested car. We tested an automatic transmission, whichshifted smoothly. I especially like the 4-cylinder engine, because it's alot cheaper to maintain and fix than the 6-cylinder model. Admittedly, the6-cylinder has more power. If you really think you need the power--that is,if you're going to be hauling around five people all the time, or hauling atrailer, or (worse still) hauling your mother-in-law--then it makes sense togo with the larger engine. But, the 4-cylinder engine will drive at 75miles an hour (which is 10 miles an hour above the speed limit, unless youlive in Montana) all day long--and it'll do that for 150,000 miles. If youwant more than that from a car, then forget it. You're not going to get it.

Incidentally, the Camry's primary competition comes from the Ford Taurus andthe Honda Accord. My experience working in the garage has been that theCamrys are less trouble than either of these two vehicles. This car willrun pretty much trouble-free for a long time.

Is this car as refined as a Lexus? Not by any means. But, it's a heck of alot less money. I can't say I was "giddy" every time I got in it, but Icertainly appreciated its qualities. This is a basic car that's not goingto give you trouble for a long time, and I for one like that.

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