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RAY: This is going to be a real short Puzzler.

TOM: A long time ago we had this old crusty mechanic.

RAY: A few weeks ago one of the guys at the shop was replacing the head gasket on a car. I don't know what car it was. The head gaskets are those thin gaskets that go between the cylinder head and the block of the engine. It was a 4-cylinder car, I think it was a Ford Escort or something. You could easily put the gasket on incorrectly.

TOM: Especially -- what -- if you're an auto mechanic.

RAY: So, they had written on the thing the following letters: T-O-P.

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: Top. And I was walking by. He had put the thing on. And I said to him, "Boy, that's a useless piece of information isn't it?"

TOM: Really? You said that to him?

RAY: He said, "I beg your pardon, I beg to differ." What did I mean by that?

TOM: What did you mean by that? Excellent. That's very good!

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