Tommy's Flat Tire Trauma

The Puzzler

RAY: Well, the hint was it was Tommy's '63 Dart. And for a bunch of years, and I don't know exactly how many, Chrysler, on the driver's side of the car, made the wheel nuts left-hand thread, the idea being as you went down the road the wheel nuts would tighten themselves up as opposed to loosening themselves up. So, as your wheel turned, the nut would be turning in the same direction that it would turn to tighten it, and there'd be no risk of having the wheel nuts fly off.

TOM: So, two of the wheels had left-hand threads and two of the wheels had right-hand threads.

RAY: So, the ones on the left-hand side of the car could never be used in this little plan that Alex devised. And thus, they were stuck there because the best they could do was put two wheel nuts on one wheel.

TOM: Five, five, four and two.

RAY: So close, though.

TOM: Good one. That's a good one.

RAY: Do we have a winner?

TOM: Yes, we do. The winner is Margie Harrison from Charleston, South Carolina.

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