Tommy's Defining Moment

bios, our lousy show, Tom
As we celebrate the 75th of our older co-host, here's a flashback to what Tommy considers the defining moment of his life:

"I was driving from Cambridge to my job in Foxboro, in my little MG. It weighed about 50 pounds. I was cut off by a semi and I almost, as they say, bought the farm. As I continued my drive, I said to myself, ‘If I had in fact bought the farm out there on Route 128, how ticked off would I be that I spent my life going to this job, living a life of quiet desperation.’

"So I pulled into the parking lot, walked into my boss’s office, and I quit on the spot.”

Tommy never lost the addiction to MGs-- but he did graduate to less rusty models, such as his current '53 MG-TD.Thanks Tommy! Among other things, that decision led to our lousy show-- and a lifetime of professional bumhood for our birthday host. Check out Tom's biography (which should be titled The Virtues of Self Unemployment), here.
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bios, our lousy show, Tom

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