Tommy Makes an Ingenious Repair

The Puzzler

RAY: This is a little story involving my brother. The inspiration for this puzzler was sent in by a fellow named Howard Apps -- though I changed everything he wrote.

This story demonstrates my brother's mechanical acumen. I think you'll be amazed when you hear this. Or, at least, not disgusted.

It was a bright and sunny day and Tommy was driving his dad's '51 Dodge, when he notices steam coming out from under the hood. He pulls over and notices a slit in one of the two heater hoses. It's about two inches long.

He carefully removes the radiator cap to relieve the pressure, and he's relieved to find out that he's lost very little coolant. He opens the trunk, confident that he's going to find tools, and maybe even a spare piece of hose there.

To his utter surprise, the trunk is completely empty. Nada. Zilch. Uncle Nunzio had borrowed the car and he needed an empty trunk, if you know what I mean.

"Oh drat," he says. But ever the optimist, he begins walking and finds a convenience store. He thrusts his hand into his pocket, and pulls out the only money he has -- a one-dollar bill. He knows exactly what he needs to fix the leak, and asks the woman behind the counter for a roll of duct tape.

Tragically, duct tape had yet to be invented.

Undaunted, he buys a five-cent candy bar - that's what candy bars cost when we were kids. He begins the long walk back to the car, confident that he has now in his possession something that's going to allow him to fix the car well enough so he can drive it home. He whistled while he walked back to the car, clicking his heels, saying, "I'm not going to get a beating when I get home!"

How did he fix the car?

Think you know? Drop Ray a note!

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