Tom, Ray and . . . Belly Dancing?

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Don’t worry. It’s not what you think. No mechanic’s bellies will ever be shown gyrating on our lousy web site. It turns out, Tom and Ray have finally reached one of our last, hold-out demographics... belly dancers!

Check out this great letter and photo that our Producer Dougie Berman got from NPR host Teshima Walker over at Tell Me More.

Thanks Teshima!
Hi Doug Berman –

I hope all is well. I had to send you the picture below of my dance instructor Andrea Razzaghi. I should also mention that Andrea is also a “rocket scientist”. She manages the work involved in designing the spacecraft called “Aura” for NASA!

Last Saturday, while taking us through some grueling and repetitive dance techniques, Andrea sipped a protein drink out of a CAR TALK MUG! As soon as I said Car Talk - she and many other women in the class chimed in about how much they love the program. So, the picture below is my virtual “high five” for you, Tom and Ray. Thanks for the entertaining (and informative) program. Who knew that a group of belly dancers in Arlington, Virginia would stop shimmying for a second to discuss our favorite Car Talk moment? Funny.

Take care,
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mail bag

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