Tom Hoofs It Home

The Puzzler

TOM: I got it. He was walking for 40 minutes.

RAY: So close.

TOM: Forty-five?

RAY: Closer.

TOM: Forty-six?

RAY: Fifty. Because if they arrived home 20 minutes earlier than usual, he saved, by walking, 10 minutes of her travel time to the station and 10 minutes of her travel time from the station. Therefore, he was walking for 50 minutes when she picked him up. You have to put all of the pieces together. He left an hour earlier but she left at the same time and saves 20 minutes of the total trip. It's as if he moved the station 10 minutes closer.

TOM: How did you get 50 minutes out of that?

RAY: Ten minutes...

TOM: Oh 10 and 50 is an hour!

RAY: And 10 and 10 is what?

TOM: Twenty!

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