How Far the Great Have Fallen

Believe it or not, we graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

For years we good-naturedly ribbed MIT about the relative unknowns who have been delivering their commencement addresses - Kofi Annan and William Jefferson Clinton.

Year after year, MIT President at the time, Charles Vest, came up with plenty of dignified, yet lame, excuses (1997, 1998) as to why we could not address the graduating class. (Most notably, that both Kofi Annan and Bill Clinton came with their own flags, and we did not - a concern that we've since addressed.)

But in 1999, a hand-delivered missive arrived, asking us if we would address the graduating class.

The result? We single-handedly brought an august institution to its knees.

Want to see how? Join us.

Diplomatically yours,

Tom and Ray
Click (MIT '58) and Clack (MIT '72), the Tappet Brothers


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