Tom and Ray in the Hall of Fame?!

The night started off well enough...until Casey Kasem and Ernie Harwell took Paul and Lynne Harvey for 10 Gs in a game of three-card Monty, and things turned ugly when Dick Biondi got a few Molsons in him.

(L to R back row) Ray Magliozzi, Susan Stamberg, Tom Joyner, Casey Kasem, Herb Kent (L to R, front row); Ernie Harwell, Paul Harvey, Dick Biondi, Lynne "Angel" Harvey, Ed McLaughlin.

Over her years at NPR, Susan has developed a deep-rooted fear of cosmic radiation--hence the electromagnetically shielded dinner gown.

Tommy tends to get a little stiff at fancy social functions.

Okay, who said "free lunch"?! Our man Bugsy has been known to travel thousands of miles for a gratis burger and fries--much less a gala soiree of chicken cordon bleu, prime rib and Moet & Chandon.

Hey! This is just like the thing the docs used on Tommy when he thought he was Anita Bryant.

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