"Ma was a great artist..."
"This photo made it into a little known article by Dr. Spock, "When Eating Your Young is Okay."
"Our ancestral estate in Arlington where we moved to get out of the city -- now listed on the National Registry of Places to Avoid and the International Locations of Grievious Familial Misdeeds."
"Of course, she wasn't adverse to an occasional prank. Ray posed for four hours...until he caught on and discovered she was painting a horse. "
"One of many days Ma was pretty well convinced she'd never see: Ray graduating from MIT."
"There was that little incident of malfeasance with the garden club, involving the missing potted geraniums and the trowel. But, that was sooo long ago!"
"Our dad Louis -- who put up with mom's heartburn-inducing pasta sauce for more years than anyone."

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