Tires 'R' Us

The Puzzler

RAY: The idea for this puzzler was sent in by a fellow named Bill Chase.

After thirty plus years of hard work as a pipe-fitter, Joe finally retired and he and his wife Jane decided it was time to see the country. Of course, the time-honored way to see this great nation of ours, and the natural beauty of it, is to do what?

Watch it on TV, right? No, to drive it! So they hit the road. And after six months and maybe 40,000 miles, they had indeed seen some sights. And boy, were their butts sore! But one morning, after looking over their 2001 Saturn, Joe decided it was time for some new tires. So they headed for the nearest mall where there was a tire store, Tires 'R' Us.

The fellow working on the car asked Joe how many miles he had racked up on his current tires. 'Maybe 50K,' said Joe. He wasn't really sure. The repairman then complimented Joe on having done a great job rotating his tires, because they were worn down pretty evenly. 'Well, I never rotated the tires. Not ever,' said Joe.

'That's impossible!' the tire jockey snapped back. 'Front-wheel-drive cars like your Saturn always wear out the front tires much faster than the rear. In fact, usually two or three times faster if they are not rotated.'

But how could it be that in 40 or 50,000 miles Joe had not rotated the tires and yet they were all worn down evenly?

And here's a hint: While he was at the tire shop, a young fellow asked, 'Would you like an oil change while you are here?' And Joe said, 'Oh, it's not going to need that.'

Think you know? Drop Ray a note!

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