Tips from the Nation's Icebox

1. Stay home. Find a significant other or a big dog. Watch Oprah and Days of Our Lives.
2. Don't leave home without a proper set of emergency items in your car, including: blankets, candles, food, cell phone, tow chain, boots and plenty of warm clothes. Several bags of sand or kitty litter in the back is also a good idea.
3. Make sure your car has a block heater, and leave it plugged in overnight.
4. If it's below minus 40, leave an electric space heater running in your car overnight. Otherwise, the vinyl and plastic might crack, if it gets bumped accidentally.
5. Keep your tires inflated properly. It's no fun when they're frozen solid and out of round!
6. Use an 875- or 1,000-amp-hour battery. Heck, if you want, you can even install several batteries in parallel for starting power on those cold mornings.
7. Forget 30-weight oil. It won't flow from the can at minus 40. Use 5W20 or Mobil 0W10 synthetic oil.
8. Use deicer additive in the gas tank to help eliminate condensation and to prevent the gas line from freezing.
9. Get a remote starter for your car!

And, if all else fails,

10. Drive south.
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