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Eat Here and Get Gas?

02/25/2015 - We're collecting great signs from businesses. Seen one? Send it to us. View now!

Our Car Talk Time Kill Weekly comes out, well.... whenever we have something worth saying. Which is more like once every few weeks.
Our Time Kill Weekly pals are the first to know what's going on behind the scenes at Car Talk Plaza, and often get a chance to preview new features before they debut on the Car Talk web site.

Archive of What Was New at Car Talk Plaza

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Nominations Are Open: Calling All Scary Cars 10/27/2014
Car Talk Gets Electrified! 08/22/2014
Vote Now for Your Favorite Business Sign 08/07/2014
Fireworks . . . from Your Engine? 07/07/2014
We Got an Ice Resurfacer! 06/26/2014
Vote Now for the Best Road Sign! 03/11/2014
Amazon, Google Exhibiting Poor Judgement 02/25/2014
Car Talk at the Detroit Auto Show 01/17/2014
A Unique Way to Support Your Station 12/23/2013
Happy Holidays from Car Talk Plaza! 12/23/2013
On the Fifth Day of Christmas, Car Talk Gave to Me 12/17/2013
Happy Thanksgiving from Car Talk 10/26/2013
Car Talk Presents 10/25/2013
Think You Know Ugly? 09/16/2013
Can't Stand That Color! 08/08/2013
A Mother's Day Special From Car Talk 05/10/2013
Jeep Goes Bio-fuel! 04/01/2013
Got Pinkwater? 03/05/2013
Winter the South Pole 02/07/2013
And the Winner Is . . . 02/01/2013
The Good, the Bad, and the Especially Ugly 01/23/2013
A Holiday Gift for Your NPR Station 12/11/2012
Car Talk: It's the New Coal 11/27/2012
Thank a Mechanic! 11/12/2012
We Have Our Own Winner! 11/07/2012
Our Polls Are Open! 11/05/2012
I'm Not Wearing Any Shorts* 10/29/2012
Car Talk's 25th Anniversary 10/03/2012
What's the Worst Car You've Ever Owned? 09/12/2012
World's Messiest Car? Now Accepting Nominations 07/20/2012
Bike Rage, EVs in Texas, Vehicle Donation and More 06/15/2012
Car Talk Welcomes Tom Bodett 05/30/2012
Two-Wheeled Transportation 05/10/2012
What's That Sound? 04/26/2012
So You Want to Buy an Old Car? 04/05/2012
Tom and Ray's First Car Advice 03/30/2012
Our Favorite First Car Calls 03/23/2012
Moriarity's Volare and other First Car Stories from Car Talk 03/15/2012
My First Car Stories 03/06/2012
Last Call for Car Talk Holiday Gifts 12/16/2011
Help Your Local NPR Station This Holiday Season 12/12/2011
Our New Home on the Web! 12/02/2011
A Rustbucket, Reborn 09/06/2011
Become a public radio or TV star! 08/11/2011
What's on your mechanic's mind? 07/18/2011
Don't Forget Father's Day! 06/10/2011
Don't forget your pals at your local NPR station 05/24/2011
Car Talk Second Opinion 04/12/2011
Jamie Kitman and Jim Motavalli Celebrate the Pinto's 40th 03/28/2011
Win Neko Case's '67 Mercury Cougar! 03/15/2011
The Top 50 Car Shows of All Time are now in iTunes 03/03/2011
Star in our new promotions for vehicle donation 02/08/2011
Car Talk Gone Wild... Wildlife, That Is 02/03/2011
Happy Holidays from Car Talk 12/22/2010
Avoid Rip-Offs: Car Talk's Second Opinion 12/20/2010
A Gift for Your Favorite NPR Station 11/24/2010
Car Talk's 10 Worst Things a Mechanic Can Tell You 11/15/2010
News Flash! Car Talk Discovers Twitter! 10/28/2010
Distracted Driving: An Inconvenient Truth 10/19/2010
Jacy's Story: The Consequences of Distracted Driving 09/28/2010
Buy Tommy's Fiat! 09/04/2010
Top Ten Features We'd Really Like to See in All New Cars 08/05/2010
We Need a Picture of Your Car! 07/03/2010
Will You Be Car Talk's Guinea Pig? 05/27/2010
The Blogging Lot 05/22/2010
Happy Birthday, Ray! 04/02/2010
Professor David Strayer's Blog 03/22/2010
Car Talk Second Opinion 03/19/2010
Toyota Recall News 02/01/2010
An on-line forum for your specific car. 01/04/2010
Recession Shopping Tips from Car Talk 11/20/2009
Lots new at Car Talk Plaza 10/06/2009
The hills are alive! Tom and Ray have a new music CD out. 09/25/2009
Scam artists, engine tonics, preposterous MPG claims and more! 08/26/2009
Funny Outerwear 08/07/2009
In Search of the Ultimate Road Trip Story from Hell 07/23/2009
A host went in for repairs 07/07/2009
How to Fix the Hubble Space Telescope, Car Talk Style 06/11/2009
A story about Tom and Ray's father 06/02/2009
Hybrids, Hybrids, Hybrids! 05/26/2009
New Car Talk Show Summary 04/01/2009
Tips to help you weather the lousy economy 02/02/2009
Shameless Commerce Overstock Alert! 01/07/2009
Happy Holidays from Car Talk 12/24/2008
Here's one way to help your local NPR station. 12/04/2008
A new way to listen to our lousy show! 11/03/2008
Endangered Massachusetts Grease Monkey 10/01/2008
Click and Clack's Tips for Selling Your Used Car 09/16/2008
NEW BOOK! Ask Click and Clack: Answers from Car Talk 09/03/2008
On Vacation with Tom and Ray 07/29/2008
As the Wrench Turns Premieres July 9th 07/02/2008
As the Wrench Turns 06/16/2008
The Great Click and Clack Look-A-Like Contest 06/03/2008
Mother's Day Alert 05/05/2008
Car Talk Pollutes PBS's NOVA 04/18/2008
A Brand-Spankin' New Car Talk CD Set! 04/12/2008
Dragging the Internet Down 03/14/2008
Review our Lousy Show 02/21/2008
"Click and Clack's As the Wrench Turns" 01/26/2008
Car Talk's home on the Internet 01/12/2008
Our new lousy web site 12/24/2007
Happy Holidays from Car Talk! 12/14/2007
Your thoughts on Car Talk's 20th Anniversary limited-edition, classic Car Talk clothing 12/01/2007
Free parking and a chance to celebrate awful decision-making 11/16/2007
"Car Squawk," "Drive Time," "Busted Knuckles," "Loose Nuts"... 11/07/2007
A chance to name our new (expected-to-be), lousy (just like the radio show) TV show 11/03/2007
What would you like to see on the Car Talk web site? 10/16/2007
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