Three Chutes To The Wind

The Puzzler

TOM: Cindy Crawford!

RAY: Well, no, they had already un-negotiated the Cindy Crawford thing. The authorities knew that he needed one parachute for the money, and they knew that he needed one parachute for himself, and they had to assume the third parachute was for a hostage. Therefore, they could not run the risk of rigging the parachutes. Otherwise, they'd give him two parachutes that had holes in them.

TOM: Of course!

RAY: And he'd put the money in one and himself in the other, and plunge to his death. They couldn't take the chance that's why he asked for the extra parachute. They didn't know who would get it.

TOM: Wasn't he clever!

RAY: Yes, he was.

TOM: And wasn't it bad luck that --

RAY: That he got run over!

TOM: A Montana driver whacked him on the highway.

RAY: Hey, it just goes to show you that sometimes reasonable and prudent is not reason enough. And who's our winner this week?

TOM: Our winner is John Mountford from Ballston Lake, New York.

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