That's One Way to Get a Free Paint Job!

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Yesterday’s post, you may recall, included a taxi driver -- or, as we like to say, an Art History major at work. We’re reminded of this little gem, sent in by our pal Daryl:
Dear Tom and Ray:

Funny story!  My cousin (who shall remain nameless) was working at Cambridge Yellow Cab in Your Fair City, years ago.  The owner at the time, Dave Goldberg, had invited a friend to come over to the garage, and the two of them took a cab over to Fenway to watch the ballgame. 

Now, because parking was limited at the cab company headquarters, Dave told his buddy to park his car in the company's body shop down below the lower level of the garage.  This friend did as instructed, but because everyone else was out to lunch, he did not pick any special spot in the body shop, he just parked in the first open spot he saw.

My cousin, the painter, comes back from lunch, and seeing a car of the same make and model they were using for cabs at the time, proceeds to mask, sand, and paint the owner’s friend’s car into a Cambridge Yellow Cab.

Ha!  Well, that’s one way to get a free paint job! 
Does meter installation cost extra? (Flickr photo by xplan303ex)Thanks for sharing, Daryl. And where exactly is this garage? Because, well, Tom’s car could do with a little freshening up!
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mail bag

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