That's A-Moray!

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One of our listeners was scuba diving in the Florida Keys when he spotted a pair of morays and snapped this photo. He claims that it made him think fondly of Tom and Ray, so he added the captions when he got home.

At first we thought the pressure of the deep sea had addled his brain, but we did a little research and were surprised to discover that Tom and Ray have more in common with morays than we ever thought.

Here's what the Florida Museum of Natural History's Ictyhology Department has to say:
  • "the oxygen demands of this rather sedentary fish are not as great as more active species"
  • "the mouth is constantly opening and closing"
  • "extreme caution should be exercised in any interaction with this species"
Anyone else see more than a few similarities here?  Got more you'd like to add? Share 'em below.
Thanks for spotting the maritime-automotive connection, John!

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caption contests

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