Telling Time

The Puzzler

RAY: This is from my space and time continuum series and it was sent in by a fellow named Charlie Fleischer:

'A few weeks ago I experienced one of those rare and wonderful mornings where you just kind of wake up naturally, no alarm clocks, no noise, no nothing. Just gentle sunlight caressing my face and whispering, 'Wake up, Charlie. Wake up.'

'I rolled over and glanced at the digital clock on my nightstand and it was flashing 7:25. I thought the power must have gone off during the night. Not to worry. It's Saturday and I don't have to work. With any luck I've slept right through Car Talk. Then it hit me like a sumo wrestler falling on my chest. It wasn't Saturday after all, it was Friday! I'm going to be late for work. Again!

'So I sprang to my feet and grabbed the wristwatch off my dresser. It said 6:50. That's odd. So I ran to the kitchen where I have one of those old fashioned analog electric clocks, the kind with the hands that plugs into an electric outlet. And it read 6:30. So assuming that all three timepieces are working properly and they were all set to the same time when I went to bed the night before, when did the power go off and for how long?'

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