The value of a "classic" Chevy Vega.

Chevrolet, Vega
Dear Tom and Ray:

I am the proud owner of two Chevy Vegas. I have a 1972 Coupe, and a 1973 Wagon. Considering the age of these vehicles, will they be classics worth lots of money some day?

RAY: Anything's possible, Steve. Other pieces of "junk" have miraculously gained value by virtue of their rarity. And a Vega that hasn't rusted up to the rear view mirror by now is nothing if it isn't rare.

TOM: Of course, if you want these to bring in the really big bucks, you're going to have to help things along. Wait ten or fifteen years, and then start placing ads in Hemmings Motor News and Special Interest Autos that say "Wanted: '72 or '73 Vega. Any condition. Will pay any price."

RAY: Other collectors may wonder what they're missing, and may start bidding up the price of Vegas. If that happens, Steve, sell fast. And then consider investing your profits in something a little the investment fund my brother and I started: The Click and Clack Capital Depreciation Fund. We actually guarantee a 50 percent return of your money.

TOM: That's right. You send us a hundred bucks, and we'll send you back 50 bucks. How's that for a deal, Steve? Or, if you don't want your fifty bucks back, we'll send you three Vegas instead.
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Chevrolet, Vega

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