An SUV By Any Other Name

The Puzzler

RAY: This is a word puzzler that was authored by own very own producer, Dougie Berman. He says, "I was driving the other day, and at a stop light, I pulled up behind an SUV. There was nothing to do while waiting for the light to change, so I look at the back of the vehicle in front of me.

"I noticed that the name of the SUV was stuck on the back liftgate in metallic-looking letters. Nothing unusual about that. But right below the name of the vehicle was another word. The word was put on at the factory, and by the manufacturer. I say to myself, 'Gee, that's an odd word to put on a vehicle if you're trying to sell it. Especially if it's an SUV.'

"It did not seem to cast the vehicle in the best light.

What was the word?

Dougie even gave us a hint: it's been used on a number of vehicles over the years, and one manufacturer even used it as the name of a car.

Think you know? Drop Ray a note!

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