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Subaru XV Crosstrek (2013)

  • Brawny looks, and more ground clearance than a regular Imprezza.
  • Nice balance of practicality, price, promised mileage and styling.
  • Compact size makes it easy to park in urban areas.
  • All-wheel drive and ground clearance provide confidence for snow, mud, dirt and rutted roads.
  • More stylish than the Imprezza in the opinion of some.
  • Good visibility front and sides.

  • Uglier than sin. (Editor’s note: That’s Ray's opinion. Look at how he dresses. Other [read younger] Car Talk staffers like the looks.)
  • Around town, we only got 17 MPG—not very good in this day and age. That's the same mileage cars were getting 50 years ago! Although Consumer Reports got 26 mpg overall. Note your mileage may vary… and when it does, it always varies in the lower direction.
  • Visibility out the back is compromised, but there is a back-up camera to ameliorate the situation.

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