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Subaru Impreza (2012)

  • Bigger than the earlier edition Impreza... roomier, more practical, but still not a “big car.”
  • Much improved mileage (27 city, 36 highway), impressive for an all-wheel-drive vehicle.
  • Improved looks.
  • Feels roomy inside.
  • Very comfortable ride and decent handling.
  • Good repair record, reasonably priced repairs.
  • Refreshingly good visibility.
  • Available luxuries, such as leather seats, seat heaters and more.
  • Full-time, all-wheel-drive system.
  • Available as hatchback or sedan.

  • 25K if you get it loaded—not cheap, though that price does, of course, include all-wheel-drive.
  • Occasional awkward, jerky sensations from the continuously variable transmission at low speeds.
  • Red background lighting on dashboard can be hard to read.
  • Small touch-screen controls for audio if you spring for the touch screen and navigation option.

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