Stump the Chumps

Lifetime Stump the Chumps Averages
At Bats Hits Strike Outs Average (Egregious) Errors
111 46.5 0.5 0.419 4

2017 Season

Caller: Alison StuartHometown: Denver , Colorado
Car: 1994 Volkswagen Golf
Date: 02/11/17
Show: 201706
Were Tom and Ray right about Alison's VW Golf?

2016 Season

Caller: Bob ParadiseHometown: Gig Harbor, Washington
Car: 1988 Mercury Sable
Date: 12/17/16
Show: 201651
Did the sock stuck in Bob's Sable wreck the engine?

Caller: Ed EsslerHometown: Bloomfield, New Jersey
Car: 1982 Ford Taurus
Date: 08/25/16
Show: 201635
Were Tom and Ray right about the battery on Ed's son's car?

Caller: Debra Hometown: Bellingham, Washington
Car: GMC
Date: 08/20/16
Show: 201634
Was something caught in the fan on Debra's truck?

Caller: Liz Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona
Car: 1993 Plymouth Acclaim
Date: 08/06/16
Show: 201632
Did Tom and Ray correctly diagnose Liz's fuel leak?

Caller: Sid BurnsHometown: Lantana, Florida
Car: Nissan Maxima
Date: 07/23/16
Show: 201630
Was Ray right about Sid's tires?

Caller: Michelle StaffordHometown: Spokane, Washington
Date: 06/25/16
Show: 201626
Did Michelle make the right decision about her "dream truck"?

Caller: Leslie PerlmanHometown: Sebastapol, California
Car: 1997 Honda Civic
Date: 05/21/16
Show: 201621
Did Tom and Ray correctly diagnose Leslie's farting Honda Civic?

Caller: Michelle Hometown: , Illinois
Car: 1997 Saturn SL
Date: 04/02/16
Show: 201614
Were Tom and Ray right about Michelle's battery?

Caller: John Hometown: Buffalo, New York
Car: 1987 Volkswagen Cabriolet
Date: 01/02/16
Show: 201601
John’s wife and her friend were planning to drive cross country. John wanted to know if Tom and Ray thought they could make it in this car, and whether they should drive in short segments, or as quickly as possible. Tom and Ray said they could make it, and to drive shorter segments.

2015 Season

Caller: Marc FrommHometown: Exeter, New Hampshire
Car: Peugeot
Date: 12/26/15
Show: 201552
Were Tom and Ray right about the cylinder head on Marc's Peugeot?

Caller: Sarah PritchettHometown: Montvale, New Jersey
Car: 1993 Mercury Villager
Date: 09/19/15
Show: 201538
Were Tom and Ray right about the smell in Sarah's car?

Caller: Ralgh ArmstrongHometown: Monroe, Louisiana
Car: 1993 Chevrolet Suburban
Date: 08/15/15
Show: 201533
Did Tom and Ray correctly diagnose Ralph's Suburban?

Caller: Heidi KuvalovaHometown: Midland, Michigan
Date: 08/01/15
Show: 201531
Did Heidi take Tom and Ray's advice about the timing belt?

Caller: Bob CokeHometown: Greensboro, North Carolina
Car: 1985 Chevrolet Cavalier
Date: 06/06/15
Show: 201523
Did Tom and Ray help Bob get the heat working in his truck?

Caller: "Fred" KastleHometown: Wilton,
Date: 02/14/15
Show: 201507
Did "Fred" take Tom and Ray's advice about hating his wife's surprise gift--the Saab 900?

2014 Season

Caller: Joan McKniffHometown: Washington D.C. (and Madagascar),
Date: 12/20/14
Show: 201451
Were Tom and Ray right about the Geo in Madagascar?

Caller: Dana Hometown: ,
Car: BMW
Date: 11/29/14
Show: 201448
Did Dana's friend ever get that piece of the Berlin Wall out of his trunk?

Caller: Geoff GibsonHometown: Mohnton, Pennsylvania
Car: 1997 Chevrolet Lumina
Date: 10/04/14
Show: 201440
Were Tom and Ray right about Geoff's brakes?

Caller: Ellen Hometown: New York , New York
Car: 1992 Chevrolet Blazer
Date: 09/13/14
Show: 201437
Were Tom and Ray right about Ellen's fiancé?

Caller: Bill "Spaceman" LeeHometown: Craftsbury, Vermont
Car: BMW
Date: 09/06/14
Show: 201436
Were the carburetors causing the problem in Bill's BMW?

Caller: Elisa AllenHometown: Charlestown, South Carolina
Date: 05/31/14
Show: 201422
Did Elisa follow Tom and Ray's advice on whether to get married?

Caller: Joe LessinaHometown: Kingston, Pennsylvania
Car: 1983 Honda Civic
Date: 05/03/14
Show: 201418
Did "The Godfather Approach" get Joe's brother-in-law to get his busted car out of Joe's yard?

Caller: Joan DeydameyerHometown: Lamont, Illinois
Car: 1990 Ford Festiva
Date: 04/12/14
Show: 201415
Were Tom and Ray (and Joan's husband) right about the belt in her Festiva?

Caller: Tim PetersonHometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Date: 03/29/14
Show: 201413
Were Tom and Ray right about Tim's heat shield?

Caller: Betsy HibbetsHometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Car: Toyota
Date: 03/01/14
Show: 201409
Did Tom and Ray solve Betsy's fuel problems?

Caller: Tracy WilliamsHometown: New York, New York
Car: Nissan Stanza
Date: 02/01/14
Show: 201405
Did Tracy take Tom and Ray's advice about the abandoned car?

2013 Season

Caller: Red BarkerHometown: , New Jersey
Date: 12/07/13
Show: 201349
Was a catalytic converter causing the floor to catch fire in Red's convertible?

Caller: Christo JacksonHometown: , South Carolina
Car: Volkswagen
Date: 11/16/13
Show: 201346
Was "cruddification" causing the problems on Christo's car?

Caller: Ben HainHometown: Rochester, Minnesota
Car: 1984 Ford Pickup
Date: 11/09/13
Show: 201345
Did Tom and Ray correctly diagnose the problem with Ben's truck?

Caller: Pam DoodyHometown: Amherst, Virginia
Car: Volvo
Date: 10/12/13
Show: 201341
Were Tom and Ray right about Pam's car? And will they accept the verdict?

Caller: Lisa MunsonHometown: , Washington
Car: 1987 Honda Civic
Date: 10/05/13
Show: 201340
Did Tom and Ray help Lisa with her car problem? (And did she take their dating advice?)

Caller: Geoff Hometown: Berkeley, California
Car: 1994 Volkswagen Vanagon
Date: 08/31/13
Show: 201335
Was that noise Jeff heard coming from the back of his car really as simple as a bad axle? Find out!

Caller: Jeff PixlerHometown: Clovis, New Mexico
Car: 1992 Nissan Pickup
Date: 08/10/13
Show: 201332
Can our two hosts help Jeff bake better bread? Find out!

Caller: John MentzellHometown: Centre Hall, Pennsylvania
Car: 1987 Volkswagen Golf
Date: 07/27/13
Show: 201330
The horn goes off whenever John drives his wife's car. Did Tom and Ray help solve this mystery?

Caller: Michael Hometown: Niagra Falls, New York
Car: 1990 Lincoln Town Car
Date: 06/29/13
Show: 201326
Did Tom and Ray help Michael fix his father-in-law's Lincoln?

Caller: Tim TaylorHometown: Orlando, Florida
Car: 1989 Buick Park Avenue
Date: 06/15/13
Show: 201324
Did Tom and Ray help Tim with his defroster? And why is Tim's mom upset with our hosts?

Caller: Tim TaylorHometown: Orlando, Florida
Car: 1989 Buick Park Avenue
Date: 06/15/13
Show: 201324
Did Tom and Ray help Tim with his defroster? And why is Tim's mom upset with our hosts?

Caller: Anne BowersHometown: , Georgia
Car: 1996 Dodge Caravan
Date: 05/25/13
Show: 201321
Did Tom and Ray help Anne with her Dodge Caravan? (And what ever happened with Anne's husband's vasectomy reversal?)

Caller: Paula Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Car: 1988 Ford Bronco
Date: 05/18/13
Show: 201320
Did Tom and Ray help Paula with her whistling Bronco?

Caller: Kim Hometown: , Virginia
Date: 04/13/13
Show: 201315
Tom swung for the fences with his "leaky coolant" diagnosis. Was he right about Kim's car?

Caller: Sue WegmanHometown: , New Jersey
Car: Subaru
Date: 03/30/13
Show: 201313
Did Tom and Ray correctly diagnose Sue's squealing Subaru?

Caller: Parashanth KulkariHometown: , Virginia
Car: 1991 Toyota Corolla
Date: 03/09/13
Show: 201310
Did Prashanth's wife like his beat-up old car?

Caller: Kathy LambethHometown: Tualatin, Oregon
Date: 03/02/13
Show: 201309
Did Tom and Ray successfully help Kathy's son win the Pinewood Derby?

Caller: Sam FromartzHometown: Washington, District Of Columbia
Car: 1995 Honda Accord
Date: 02/23/13
Show: 201308
Did Tom and Ray correctly diagnose the noise on Steve's wife's car, and help get it sold, too?

Caller: Paul FieldingHometown: , Texas
Date: 02/09/13
Show: 201306
Paul wanted a suggestion for a new car to help him meet a new woman. Did Tom and Ray have helpful advice?

Caller: Ed CampbellHometown: Johnson City, Tennessee
Car: 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Date: 01/05/13
Show: 201301
Was the thermostat the cause of all the problems with Ed's car?

2012 Season

Caller: Erica Hometown: , Maine
Car: 2000 Subaru Forester
Date: 12/08/12
Show: 201249
Were Tom and Ray right about Erica's popping transmission?

Caller: Mark LoopHometown: , Oklahoma
Car: 1987 Isuzu Trooper
Date: 11/10/12
Show: 201245
Were Tom and Ray right about the cause of Mark's leaking transmission fluid?

Caller: Brian Hometown: Watertown, Massachusetts
Car: 1989 Toyota Camry
Date: 11/03/12
Show: 201244
Did Tom and Ray properly diagnose why Brian's car wasn't downshifting?

Caller: Carla Hometown: Homer, Alaska
Car: Toyota
Date: 10/20/12
Show: 201242
Did Tom and Ray correctly diagnose why Carla could only get her truck to go uphill by driving backwards?

Caller: Dickie SeguraHometown: New Iberia, Louisiana
Car: Lexus
Date: 10/06/12
Show: 201240
About that water shooting at Dickie's wife, through the steering column of her Lexus: is it really coming from under the car, or somewhere more mysterious?

Caller: Kate AntanovicsHometown: San Diego, California
Car: 2003 Toyota Matrix
Date: 09/29/12
Show: 201239
Is life really too short to live with a car you don't like? See if Tom and Ray helped Kate make the right call by dumping her Matrix.

Caller: Steven RussellHometown: Charlottesville, Virginia
Car: 1966 Ford Van
Date: 09/08/12
Show: 201236
Does Steve have Tom and Ray to thank for one of the great adventures of his life? Or did his Econoline road trip not quite go as predicted? Find out!

Caller: Susanne RubinsHometown: Syracuse, New York
Car: 1993 Mazda Protege
Date: 07/28/12
Show: 201230
Could Susanne's overheating problem really be as simple as a cooling fan that's not spinning?

Caller: Heather RossHometown: Arcata, California
Car: Volvo
Date: 07/21/12
Show: 201229
Is Helmut the Cranky Mechanic responsible for Heather's car dying at high altitudes?

Caller: Vicky LynchHometown: , Massachusetts
Car: 1999 Dodge Durango
Date: 06/30/12
Show: 201226
Was a Toyota RAV4 the right call for Vicky and her dog training business?

Caller: Todd CutlipHometown: Orlando, Florida
Car: 1973 Ford LTD
Date: 06/16/12
Show: 201224
Was the cause of Todd's LTD backfire as simple as a timing chain that's jumped a notch?

Caller: Josh Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Car: 1999 Toyota Corolla
Date: 06/02/12
Show: 201222
Could muriatic acid be the answer to Josh's cement-induced woes? Listen and find out!

Caller: Raymond ZentHometown: , Utah
Car: 1994 Chevrolet Lumina
Date: 05/26/12
Show: 201221
Is there a chicken bone caught in the fan of Ray's Lumina... or could the answer be a bit less flighty?

Caller: Julie StockHometown: Columbus, Ohio
Car: 1994 Nissan Quest
Date: 05/19/12
Show: 201220
Was a bad heater valve really behind Julie's lack of heat? Well, it turns out that...

Caller: Eddie FalonaHometown: , New Hampshire
Car: 1985 Ford F150
Date: 03/03/12
Show: 201209
Did Tom and Ray hit the nail on the head, with their "neutral safety switch or bad starter solenoid" advice?

Caller: Joan GutekampfHometown: Willamette, Illinois
Car: 1990 Honda CRX
Date: 02/11/12
Show: 201206
About that amorous donkey sound Joan's been hearing: could it really be as mundane as a bad ball joint?

2011 Season

Caller: Chelsea SammelHometown: Oakland, California
Car: 1949 Chevrolet Pickup
Date: 12/17/11
Show: 201151
Was Chelsea really sold a lousy rebuilt carburetor, as our humble hosts think? Find out!

Caller: Aron KahnHometown: St Paul, Minnesota
Car: 1993 Nissan Maxima
Date: 11/19/11
Show: 201147
About that "Whoo whoo whoo" noise that sounds right out of "Three Stooges:" Was it really caused by failing power steering pump? Find out!

Caller: Michele StaffordHometown: Spokane, Washington
Date: 08/20/11
Show: 201134
Should Michelle buy her "dream truck" for $170 measly bucks? Tom and Ray said to go for it. Was it the right decision? Listen and find out!

Caller: Bob NormanHometown: , Texas
Date: 07/23/11
Show: 201130
Did Bob bug-bomb his truck, as our hosts suggested — and if so, did that doom those pesky flies to an early demise?

Caller: Laurie Hometown: , Hawaii
Car: 1997 Nissan Pathfinder
Date: 07/16/11
Show: 201129
Did Laurie's Nissan Pathfinder, aka "Wobblebutt," have a bent axle or seized universal joint, and Tom and Ray thought? Listen and find out!

Caller: Jackson EvansHometown: Braintree, Vermont
Date: 07/02/11
Show: 201127
Can Jackson really tow a chicken coop across Vermont, on just a snowmobile trailer? Were Tom and Ray's warnings of disaster premature? Take a listen and hear for yourself!

Caller: Jim SlabyHometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Car: Volvo
Date: 05/07/11
Show: 201119
Was a bad temperature control valve really to blame for Jim's "binary" temperature? Home run... or strike out? Find Out.

Caller: Father Patrick O'ConnorHometown: , Ohio
Car: 1995 Chrysler LeBaron
Date: 04/16/11
Show: 201116
Did divine intervention help Tom and Ray solve Father Patrick's heating problems?

Caller: Mary Hometown: Austin, Texas
Car: 2005 Mazda Tribute
Date: 04/02/11
Show: 201114
Did Tom and Ray make the right call? Was a vacuum leak causing Mary Gordon's car to sing that high-pitched note?

Caller: Gaelen BurnsHometown: Athens, Georgia
Car: 1998 Audi A4
Date: 02/26/11
Show: 201109
Was Gaelen's old man to blame for the sputtering coming from his car... or do Tom and Ray have a hunch of their own? Listen and find out.

Caller: Kelly DanielsHometown: Syracuse, New York
Car: 1999 Ford Escort
Date: 01/29/11
Show: 201105
Did Kelly's mom sell her old ride to Kelly's boyfriend? Or did she wise up just in the nick time? Listen and find out.

Caller: Scott PalmerHometown: , Oregon
Car: 1986 Nissan Pickup
Date: 01/22/11
Show: 201104
Did Tom and Ray save Scott from a round with Fat Tony and his "big bucket o' tools"? Listen and find out.

2010 Season

Caller: Adam BennetHometown: San Diego,
Date: 12/11/10
Show: 201050
Can Tom and Ray help Adam fix his girlfriend's Jeep before she dumps him?

Caller: Hoppy WhitmanHometown: Bethel, Alaska
Date: 12/04/10
Show: 201049
Can Tom and Ray do better than the town drunks, in diagnosing a starting problem? Find out.

Caller: Don Hometown: Zachary, Louisiana
Date: 11/20/10
Show: 201047
About that screeching noise Don is hearing. Could it really be a vacuum leak? Listen and find out.

Caller: Murray BerkowitzHometown: , New Jersey
Car: 2001 Volkswagen Passat
Date: 10/23/10
Show: 201043
Did VW void Murray's warranty or did they cover the cost of Murray's repair, once they were done busting his chops?

Caller: Jennifer ChumpsHometown: Lockbouie,
Car: 2008 Ford Explorer
Date: 09/25/10
Show: 201039
Did a hefty dose of public humiliation from our humble hosts do anything to change the behavior of Jennifer's husband? Listen and find out.

Caller: Ralph ArmstrongHometown: Monroe, Louisiana
Date: 09/18/10
Show: 201038
Did Tom and Ray succeed at getting Ralph's Suburban to stop playing "Beat the Clock"?

Caller: Marion RosenbaumHometown: , New York
Date: 09/04/10
Show: 201036
Could Marion's defogger actually be causing her car to be DOA in bad weather?

Caller: Mary Beth Hometown: , Connecticut
Date: 08/28/10
Show: 201035
Mary Beth put diesel in by mistake. Did she pay $4000 to replace the whole system or just a few hundred bucks for a flush? Find out.

Caller: Sarah PritchettHometown: , New Jersey
Date: 08/07/10
Show: 201032
Did Sarah's kids really have a peeing match in her minivan, or is the stink due to something a bit less scintillating? Find out.

Caller: Dave Hometown: , Utah
Car: 1999 Toyota Tacoma
Date: 07/03/10
Show: 201027
Could the culprit behind Dave's shaking Tacoma really be as simple as a bad tire?

Caller: Andy ScoriselliHometown: Sitka, Alaska
Car: 1979 Toyota Pickup
Date: 06/19/10
Show: 201025
Could the weird surging noise coming from Andy's aged pickup really be a "secondary throttle?!"

Caller: Jacquie NelsonHometown: Columbia, Missouri
Car: 1999 Subaru Forester
Date: 06/05/10
Show: 201023
Just what was that "thud, bump, echo" that Jacquie was hearing? And were Tom and Ray at all close?

Caller: Heidi KuvalovaHometown: , Michigan
Date: 05/29/10
Show: 201022
Did Heidi lock her husband in the cellar to put the brakes on a perilous DIY timing belt change? Listen and find out.

Caller: Mary CroninHometown: , Wisconsin
Car: Ford
Date: 05/22/10
Show: 201021
Was Mary's tranny kaput, or was it just in need of a little bit of transmission juice? Listen and find out.

Caller: Tara McGovernHometown: Lyme, New Hampshire
Car: 1987 Volkswagen Vanagon
Date: 05/15/10
Show: 201020
Was Tara's trip across the country with the infamous "Van Dweller," Curtis, such a good idea after all? Listen and find out what happened.

Caller: Michelle Hometown: , Illinois
Date: 05/08/10
Show: 201019
Did Tom and Ray's advice complete the circuit, or is Michele's Saturn still in the dark?

Caller: Teresa LewisHometown: St. Paul, Minnesota
Car: 1998 Ford Escort
Date: 04/24/10
Show: 201017
About that helicopter sound Teresa's been hearing... is it really just a loose heat shield or baffle?

Caller: Amy O'Neill HouckHometown: Cordova, Alaska
Car: Volkswagen Passat
Date: 04/10/10
Show: 201015
Did Amy dump her Passat and go for the Subaru, as she heads to Cordova, Alaska? Hear what happened. Find out.

Caller: Nariv FataleHometown: Washington, District Of Columbia
Car: 1999 Jeep Wrangler
Date: 02/20/10
Show: 201008
So, why was Nariv's horn going off, at the worst possible of times? Find out.

Caller: Katie MontgomeryHometown: Boulder,
Car: 4 MINI Cooper
Date: 02/13/10
Show: 201007
Could Tom and Ray help Katie's husband get his Mini out of a frozen puddle?

Caller: Malcolm RockefellerHometown: Cambridge, Massachusetts
Date: 01/16/10
Show: 201003
Find out what happens when Malcolm meanders back to the Mercedes dealer.

Caller: Victoria DoriaHometown: Eugene, Oregon
Date: 01/02/10
Show: 201001
Did Victoria buy an old Volvo and drop out of school?

Caller: Victoria DoriaHometown: Eugene, Oregon
Date: 01/02/10
Show: 201001
Victoria called because she was looking for used cars for her three sons. She needed something cheap, because she was going to business school. Tom and Ray suggested old Volvos, and told her to drop out of school to be an artist, or sell flowers. Did Tom and Ray help pick the right car and the right career path?

2009 Season

Caller: Champagne GirtenHometown: Miami, Florida
Car: Toyota Corolla
Date: 11/14/09
Show: 200946
Was it really as simple as a loose heat shield?

Caller: Simon FrostHometown: Scottsdale, Arizona
Car: 2004 Mercedes-Benz E-Class
Date: 11/07/09
Show: 200945
Were our guys right about Simons's "wibbly wobblies"?

Caller: Kristin SimonsonHometown: , Massachusetts
Car: 1998 Honda Civic
Date: 10/17/09
Show: 200942
Were our guys right about Kristen's rough running ride?

Caller: Robyn and Brad MyersHometown: American Canyon,
Car: 2001 BMW 330
Date: 08/15/09
Show: 200933
Tom and Ray shamed Brad into getting his oil leak looked at but was their diagnosis right?

Caller: Craig BrittonHometown: Crockett,
Car: 1996 Toyota Previa
Date: 06/27/09
Show: 200926
Craig's Previa... a noise he'd never heard before, and neither had we!

Caller: Rane Hometown: , Maryland
Car: 1994 Isuzu Trooper
Date: 05/23/09
Show: 200921
Find out if Rane's "kerchunk, kerchunk, kerchunk" stumped Tom and Ray.

Caller: Paula MahoneyHometown: Portland, Maine
Car: 1992 Subaru Legacy
Date: 05/02/09
Show: 200918
Will a blanket on the engine help your car start, come morning? Listen and find out.

Caller: Bill VogelHometown: Soldatna, Alaska
Car: 2003 Subaru Outback
Date: 04/04/09
Show: 200914
Did putting panty hose over the air intake save Bill's car from volcanic ash?

Caller: Joan McKniffHometown: , Florida
Date: 02/21/09
Show: 200908
Did Joan travel to Madagascar with spare parts for her Geo?

Caller: Jason FinkleHometown: Lubbock, Texas
Car: 2000 Chevrolet Impala
Date: 01/17/09
Show: 200903
Hear what happens when Jason tackles a long-needed repair.

2008 Season

Caller: Gloria DunnHometown: , New Mexico
Car: 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera
Date: 12/27/08
Show: 200852
When Gloria makes a sharp turn and is on the gas it makes a horrible groan.

Caller: Jennifer BoswellHometown: Van Nuys,
Car: 2001 Volkswagen New Beetle
Date: 11/22/08
Show: 200847
Did Jennifer take her lemon of a VW Beetle, to a field and let people whack at it or hold a contest and give it away?

Caller: Jean WilliamsHometown: Radium Springs, New Mexico
Car: 1983 Porsche 944
Date: 05/03/08
Show: 200818
Were squirrels the reason Jean's Porsche tried to drive itself off a cliff?

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