The Story of John and John

The Puzzler

TOM: OK. Here it is. This is good. I like it.

RAY: Far be it from me.

TOM: I'm going to give it a try. It's 1982.

RAY: Should I be writing this down?

TOM: It would help. John is 12 years old. In 1987 John is 7 years old.

RAY: Any hints? Is John a goldfish?

TOM: The question is how can that be? And a hint is --

RAY: Oh, I don't think the hint is necessary.

TOM: Oh, I think so.

RAY: No, cause it's too easy if you give the hints.

TOM: Really. Well, but we want someone to get the right answer.

RAY: Yeah, so we can give away some of those mugs.

TOM: How many mugs have we got?

RAY: Plastic mugs.

TOM: Those plastic stainless steel mugs.

RAY: In fact, if you win, we'll give you two.

TOM: In fact, if you don't win, we'll give you one. Here's the hint. His name probably wasn't John. Got it? 1982 John is 12 years old. 1987 John is seven years old. How can that be? And the hint is his name probably wasn't John.

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