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The Puzzler

RAY: Hah! We're back. You're listening to Car Talk with us, Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers, and we're here to discuss cars, car repair and whatever. Ah! The new Puzzler!

TOM: I can hardly wait.

RAY: Well, like I said, I have a huge--as my brother knows--an enormous selection of potentially crummy Puzzlers.

TOM: And this is in the least-crummy pile? Do you put them in piles? Do you have piles?

RAY: I had piles once, but I took medication.

TOM: Yeah. So?

RAY: You guys may not like this, and if you don't, tough.

TOM: We'll have to live with anything.

RAY: And I don't know who sent this, because I lost the last page of the letter.

TOM: Wow! It's long.

RAY: Oh, it's handwritten.

TOM: Handwritten.

RAY: I like the handwritten ones.

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: Here it is. You get a letter in the mail predicting the winner of a heavyweight championship match a few weeks before the event.

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: There's no other information in the letter, just the prediction.

TOM: Yeah. This is like the Dempsey-Firpal fight.

RAY: Firpal's going to win.

TOM: Firpal's going to win.

RAY: You don't take it seriously, thinking it's a prank from a friend. Nevertheless, the prediction is correct.

TOM: Oh, man! I love it already!

RAY: You receive subsequent letters predicting the winners of events a few days before they happen. The letters correctly predict the winners of, like I said, a heavyweight championship bout, the World Series...

TOM: Wow!

RAY: The NBA finals, the presidential election, the world chess championship.

TOM: I got it. I know the question, and I know the answer.

RAY: The NCAA basketball finals.

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: The Rose Bowl.

TOM: Wow!

RAY: You are amazed these letters are always correct in their predictions.

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: Even though some are upsets.

TOM: Wow!

RAY: Shortly after the Rose Bowl, you receive a letter stating that after you send--you knew this was coming--10 grand to a certain address...

TOM: Yeah.

RAY: One week before the Super Bowl, you'll receive a letter with the winner of that event.

TOM: I've got it, yeah.

RAY: Should you? And why? Now, if you think you know the answer...

Think you know? Drop Ray a note!

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