Spark Plug Debate at the MINSU Meeting

The Puzzler

RAY: This happened the other day at the shop. We were having our monthly meeting at the shop. Our MINSU meetings.

TOM: What's MINSU?

RAY: Men In Need of Softer Underwear. I mean, you bend over a hot engine all day and you begin to chafe. So we have these meetings from time to time and at the end of one of these meetings one of the guys says, "Geez, I have an observation. You know, newer cars should require spark plug replacements more often than older cars." And I said, "Huh?" He explained it to me, and I said, "Gee, you could be..."

TOM: You could be a moron.

RAY: You could be right. And what did he explain that would explain why you'd need to replace spark plugs more often now than in cars of yesteryear?

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