The Silver Screen

The Puzzler

RAY: Hi, we're back. You're listening to Car Talk with us, Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers, and we're here to discuss cars, car repair, and of course the new puzzler.

TOM: I can hardly wait.

RAY: Well, I wouldn't attach that much weight to this. All right.

TOM: America sits by their radios week after week waiting.

RAY: And you don't know how that weighs heavily on my mind.

TOM: I do. I do.

RAY: When every week I have to come up with a quasi-acceptable puzzler.

TOM: I know. That's right.

RAY: Something that will challenge the seven Americans that listen to our show.

TOM: It's an awesome responsibility.

RAY: It is. I can't do it anymore.

TOM: Especially when there is one, as you say this one is quasi-automotive, and someone comes in saying yes, master. Yeah, go for it man! Go! Go!.

RAY: I'll have to phrase it correctly. In what famous movie were a Ferrari and a Renault both featured?

TOM: A Ferrari and a Renault. Feature roles, featured roles, yeah.

RAY: I might add these weren't just passing scenes. I mean these were featured.

TOM: Yeah, there weren't just like drive-ons.

RAY: Right.

TOM: Exactly. These were featured prominently.

RAY: In many scenes. Almost every scene of the movie, one or the other was in it.

TOM: A Renault and a Ferrari. Excellent.

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