Should I give my car to my son?

Dear Tom and Ray:

Please comment on whether I should buy a preowned Porsche and give my '85 Ford Tempo to my son for a graduation present (let me mention that we are not that close). My other idea is to buy a preowned RX-7 to give him and keep my Tempo since it seems to be running OK now and since I took your advice and bought four new tires.

RAY: If you're happy with an '85 Tempo, you have no business driving a Porsche. If you're not that close to your son, you shouldn't buy him something as wonderful as an RX-7.

TOM: But since you would consider giving an RX-7 to an offspring you're not even that close to, we think you deserve a new car. The obvious solution is to give him your '85 Tempo, and buy yourself a brand new Tempo.
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