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RAY: When they hear the answer they're going to say oh, boy, that's a -- that was --

TOM: No, they're going to say that's pretty clever, I wish I had thought of it.

RAY: We'll find out when we get our hate mail, when the truckloads of hate mail come in. The part is the gear that turns the pole. These are moving parts which are capable of course of wearing. The gear that turns the pole on the first digit of your odometer. Not the miles digit, but the 10,000 miles digit and in some cars that are presumptuous, like Volvos, a 100,000 digit.

TOM: But some cars just go to 9. 99,999.9.

RAY: Right. But that gear in 100,000 miles is only going to turn once.

TOM: That's right.

RAY: And it goes ...and it trips that little pole and it moves the digit and then you drive the car to the junk yard.

TOM: That's it, right.

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