The Puzzler

RAY: A woman came into the shop said, "I went to one of those Speedy..."

TOM: Gonzalez?

RAY: Yeah, that's it, "Speedy Gonzalez muffler shops, brakes, alignment, tune-up places. They told me I needed new shocks. The guy said, 'Yeah, I'll show you that you need new shocks.' He bounced on my rear bumper and it..."

TOM: Fell off?

RAY: No, "It went boinga, boinga, boinga," up and down, up and down, up and down. And she said, "Okay, put them in."

So they put the shocks in and she drove away. And as luck would have it they closed up right away. Not for business, just for the day. So she couldn't go back and complain.

TOM: Well, a lot of those places, as you back out, the building disappears.

RAY: They were closing for the night and she was very disappointed. The ride was terrible. Worse then it had been with the old shocks. She felt like she was driving over cobblestone streets. So she went back the next morning. She was there when they showed up with their 7-11 coffee. You know, 7 after 11. And she said, "There's something wrong with these shocks. They are defective."

They checked them out and the guy said, "There's nothing wrong with them." And they did the bounce test. He pushed the bumper down and released it, and it came to a stop.

He said, "They are perfect. If your other ones had done this I wouldn't have sold you new shocks."

And she insisted that he put new ones on again. And he did that.

TOM: And, of course, it made no difference.

RAY: Right, and otherwise we'd have what?

TOM: No puzzler.

RAY: Right. So she came to us, the court of last resort. She asked, "What is wrong with my car? Those bozos messed up the repair!"

The question is A) Did they screw up the repair, or not?

TOM: Well, we know they did something to her car. But did they do something causing the problem?

RAY: And Part Two: Why didn't they? They did nothing wrong.

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