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Shock Value

Most of us know the classic signs that our car’s shocks are starting to wear out. (Need a refresher? Our pals at have put together this handy guide.)

But, thanks to a few of our loyal, time-killing Facebook friends, we've learned a few rather unconventional signs and symptoms, too. And yes, we've already passed them along to Tom and Ray for use at the garage. (They can use all the help they can get!)

Here are our favorite suggestions. Share yours in the comments below!

Top Signs You Might Need New Shocks:

“Your dash-mounted hula dancer puts in for worker’s comp.” --Steve D.

"My contract explicitly says no surfing!” (Flickr photo by Wonderlane)"Your roommate asks if he can “tumble dry” on the way home to save money at the laundromat.” -- Paul R.

Frugality is great! Of course, it’s possible to take a good idea too far. (Photo by Daniel Hartil, Sun Journal)Jamie R. says you know it’s bad when, “007 asks you to make him a martini.” (Sorry, Jamie, but it looks like this idea is already taken!)

Now add a splash of vermouth and drive around the block. (Flickr photo by dwstucke).And here’s a sign from Jenifer A. that has us wondering whether worn out shocks are such a bad thing after all:

“Your groceries go into the car containing a quart of cream... and come out containing freshly-churned butter!"
 "My other car is a churn." (Flickr photo by bon_here)Got suggestions of your own? Hit us with your best in the comments below. 
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