A Seven-Letter Vacation Curiosity

The Puzzler

RAY: This puzzler was sent in by Bill Kojuck. Here it is.

Bill writes, "Last year, a friend of mine and his wife went on vacation to Key West. They spent most of their time either sport fishing on the high seas or carousing on Duval Street. My wife and I, however, prefer a very different kind of vacation. We like hiking and camping and using stone-age toilet facilities. So, we spent most of our
vacation in the woods in California and the Pacific Northwest.

"When we returned from our trips, we compared notes. I said to my friend that on our vacation we saw something that, when written down, has all five vowels and the vowels make up five of the seven letters in the word."

TOM: You mean, A-E-I-O-and-U were all in the same word?

RAY: Right. They were in the same seven-letter word.

Bill says, "In fact, we saw not just one, but a few of these things. My friend said, 'When we got to Key West, we also saw something that when written down has all five vowels in its seven letters. In fact, we saw quite a few of these as well.'

"Each of us wrote down our seven-letter word, and then exchanged papers. They were the same word. But, what I saw and what he saw were very different things.

"The question is what did each of us see?"

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