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The Puzzler

RAY: This is a puzzler from corporate America, sent in by Jenny Lubeck a year ago.

Imagine this scene if you will. A group of corporate bigwigs is sitting around a conference table discussing ways of boosting sales of some of their company's products. As you might expect, they debate the merits of several of the time-honored marketing measures, you know, lying, cheating and false advertising. But this day, they were looking for something new, something fresh.

They turned to a young junior exec, recently promoted from the ranks of the janitorial staff, a fellow named Schnurdling. He said, 'Look there's a product that we sell, whose sales, I believe, could be doubled.'

'Oh really?' they said.

'Oh yes. All we need to do is add one word to the directions written on the container. That will do it. '

Now I might add that this product is a common household item, something that lots of us use maybe every single day. And the question is, what could that word be, and what might the product be?

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