Scream & Swerve No More?

wildlife, Volvo
Volvo recently announced new animal avoidance technology to protect drivers from kissing Bullwinkle up close, if you catch our drift. What's our Wildlife Guru, Dr. Kieran Lindsey, have to say?

She had a few concerns...

Animals come in all shapes and sizes. Will this work for big critters only, dog-sized (including, well, dogs, but also coyotes, bobcats, lynx)? How about the smaller-statured stuff, from raccoons and opossums to squirrels?

What about creatures who don't keep their feet on the ground -- can the system handle birds?

How does the system determine that something moving in front of the vehicle isn't say, an empty plastic bag?

Hey, Volvo! Is it...

A deer... (Flickr image/Beyond The Trail)
A bag...
Or a deer so ugly, it's got a bag over its head? Answer THAT, Johannes!

In fact, our pals at Volvo will answer that, and much more -- Guru Lindsey is talking to Volvo right now. We'll have her full details right here on the Car Talk site, very soon. Stay tuned -- and in the mean time, you'll have to dodge animals the old fashioned way. By screaming and swerving.
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wildlife, Volvo

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