Rocco & Throckmorton Locked in the Trunk

The Puzzler

RAY: Well, what would you do, Throcko, if you were in there? How would you have survived?

TOM: How would I have survived? I would have stuck a plastic bag over my head, so at least I would have a little air after Rocco sucks up all the rest of it.

RAY: No, you should have put the plastic bag over his head.

TOM: No, but the plastic bag would have been a good idea. That would have been good.

RAY: No, but if you're going to hold your breath, you want to at least save some of the air ...

TOM: Yeah, yeah.

RAY: That Rocco is going to be sucking up.

TOM: Yeah, yeah, but you didn't have a plastic bag.

RAY: Did I say you had a plastic bag?

TOM: No, you didn't.

RAY: So why ... why would you deduce that you had a plastic bag?

TOM: I don't know.

RAY: What else is in the trunk, besides Rocco?

TOM: Oh, the spare tire.

RAY: Exactly. Throckmorton, being the lowlife that he is, that we knew he was, had to wait till Rocco expired ...

TOM: Ohhhhh.

RAY: To maximize the time he would have on the spare-tire air. So he waited and did nothing, while Rocco beat his brains in, the poor thing. I can just see him now, eating a meatball grinder, the sauce dripping on his tie.

TOM: Actually, that's not bad. So who's our winner, man?

RAY: The winner is Sean Devaney.

TOM: That's a nice name, isn't it?

RAY: Yeah, Sean Devaney from St. Louis, Missouri.

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