Rocco and Throckmorton Locked in the Trunk

The Puzzler

RAY: Well, what would you do, Throcko, if you were in there? How would you have survived?

TOM: I would have stuck a plastic bag over my head, so at least I would have a little air after Rocco sucks up all the rest of it.

RAY: No, you should have put the plastic bag over his head. If you're going to hold your breath, you want to at least save some of the air that Rocco is going to be sucking up. And what else is in the trunk, besides Rocco?

TOM: Oh, the spare tire.

RAY: Exactly. Throckmorton, being the lowlife that we knew he was, had to wait till Rocco expired to maximize the time he would have on the spare-tire air.

TOM: Actually, that's not bad. So who's our winner?

RAY: The winner is Sean Devaney from St. Louis, Missouri. Congratulations!

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