Robert, and his cracked head

Dear Tom and Ray:

I have a 1980 Diesel Rabbit that I'm very attached to. I've owned it since it was new. The problem is that there is an increasing amount of oil in the coolant reservoir. It has 20,000 miles on a rebuilt engine, which included a new head gasket. I tried to tighten the headbolts, and quickly discovered the depth of my mechanical ability. Please don't give me the doomsday answer. I'd like to get it running again so I can wake up a few neighbors!

RAY: If we can't give you the doomsday answer, Robert, I'm not sure we can give you any answer at all!

TOM: Your letter suggests that you may very well have a cracked head, Robert.

RAY: And the same may be true for your car. If it's not a cracked head, it's probably a cracked block, which is even worse.

TOM: Unless you're prepared to drop a new engine into this car in the near future, I'd say it's about ready for the boneyard.

RAY: But don't feel bad, Robert. I mean, we've always said these diesel Rabbits were real dogs, right? And in dog years, this car is over 80!
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