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Recently a guy named Warren wrote to you regarding the...

Dear Tom and Ray:

Recently, a guy named Warren wrote to you regarding the placement of the fuel filler tube. He argued that it ought to be in a uniform position, and he advocated for the driver's side. If I remember correctly, you agreed with him. I agree, too. I drive a 1992 Lexus LS400--a joy to drive, but not a perfect car despite its price. It has the fuel filler on the wrong side (the passenger side). I mentioned this to the salesman at the time of purchase, and he said "if you're along side the highway pouring gasoline into your empty tank, which side of the car would you rather stand on?" Does he have a valid point?

TOM: Not if he's suggesting that Lexus designed it for that "safety" reason.

RAY: How do we know he's giving you a raft of sukiyaki? Well, in Japan, they drive on the left side of the road. So if you ran out of gas in your Lexus in Japan, the way it's designed now, you WOULD be standing in traffic pouring in gasoline.

TOM: So unless Lexus makes a Japanese version of their car with a filler tube on the other side, you may want to find out how to say "touche" in Japanese, Carolyn.
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